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8 oktober 2020 06:19 av Probio Lite


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7 oktober 2020 06:56 av Brainboost Secrets

Brainboost Secrets

Each of our brains is made up of billions of nerve cells called neurons, which are constantly active even when we’re asleep. And while our brain only weighs about three pounds, it requires 20 percent of our heart’s output of blood to keep functioning. Our brain is such a complex organ that experts used to think we only used about 10 percent of it, but neurologists now believe it's possible we use all of it. However, how each area of this vital organ operates is still somewhat of a mystery.

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Some studies show that obesity runs in families. Children of obese parents are more likely to become obese. However, this isn’t true in all cases. What you eat daily has a significant impact on which genes are expressed. Research shows that in some individuals, genes account for 70-80 percent of the predisposition to be overweight while others have just 25 percent. Thus, learning the role of genes in weight gain can help you find relevant solutions for weight-related issues. The environment and

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