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13 december 2019 07:54 av hadriel

Native Path Collagen

Take notice of what you touch on a daily basis. Many forms of eczema are an allergic reaction. Touching any harsh chemicals or irritants could be causing your problem. People touch their face much more often than they realize.


13 december 2019 07:12 av hadriel

DXN Code Strike

Dumbbell Curls: Though done just like a regular dumbbell curl, this routine includes sitting on a bench which is propped up at a 45-degree angle.


13 december 2019 06:45 av hadriel

Sniper Vision System

If you have an older toilet either replace it with a low gallon flushing toilet OR displace water in the reservoir tank with a few bricks or by filling a 1/2 gallon milk jug with water and placing it in the tank. This will save you 1/2 to 3/4 gallon of water every time you flush your toilet.


13 december 2019 06:06 av hadriel

Full Chakra Reset Program

Think about people we dislike or those with whom we are angry. If all are one, then they represent some part of us. We are mad at something within us, or we are refusing to forgive an aspect of ourselves. We are connected to others, whether we like it or not.


13 december 2019 05:24 av hadriel

Life Wisdom Matrix

Many people fear death. They fear that their life will end. Most people feel their life exists in this physical plane. A body exists of three entities, body, mind, and soul. It is the mind which controls the body and the soul. It is the mind which controls the body and the soul.


13 december 2019 04:53 av hadriel

Life Wisdom Matrix

Worker- a good worker is someone who comes to work on time every day; gives an honest day's work for an honest day's pay; and does his job without complaining. These are simple ideas that should apply to your place of employment as well as your place of worship.


12 december 2019 11:36 av UT

Gaia’s Protocol Review

Rhinoplasty is an ancient plastic surgery technique that has been used on men and women for over two thousand years. It is a procedure that focuses solely on the nose. This process, otherwise known as a nose job or reshaping, comes in two different types.

   Gaia’s Protocol Review  https://letsfireurbossnow.com/gaias-protocol-review/

12 december 2019 10:43 av hadriel

Keto Breads & Keto Desserts

Male body fat tends to concentrate around the belly area, chest and face, and even though they often refer to it as "beer belly" - it doesn't really have much to do with beer, only for the fact that beer is used as a catalyst for gaining weight.


12 december 2019 10:08 av hadriel

Flat Belly Fix

In the USA alone Almost 65% of people are either overweight or obese. Overweight is defined as roughly 10 to 30 pounds over a healthy weight; obesity is 30 or more pounds over. People who are overweight are at risk of heart disease, diabetes, many types of cancers and other illnesses.


12 december 2019 08:32 av UT


Metabolism is what governs many of your bodies functions. If you eat less often and more at each meal you don't give the body constant energy. Thus you metabolism slows which causes it to burn off less calories and store more as energy or fat.





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